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Hi, I'm Paul Parker and I've been creating kitchens and furniture for 30 years. My passion has always been for antique and vintage painted furniture, particularly folk art pieces and I use reclaimed wood plus I restore old pieces of furniture. I enjoy using reclaimed resources as sustainability has always been close to my heart! 

My furniture's lovingly and painstakingly painted to look naturally aged, with the addition of traditional folk art. 

The aging process of each piece of furniture usually takes more time to do than building the piece itself. It's all about the detail! 

Each piece looks great in any room and every single thing I make is a complete one off and totally unique!

A brief history of career and work :-

Back in 1983, I graduated in product design and I went on to a successful career in interior design in London, working for companies such as, Fitch, Victoria Weymouth, and John Stefanidis. By the early 90s, I'd started making folk art furniture which then developed into my business, Copperfield  Kitchens. After building bespoke kitchens for 25 years, I've come full circle and returned back to my first love of folk art furniture!

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